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Born 1986 in Umeå, Sweden. Sterner is an artist who works with performance and performative art. Spaciousness - installation and scenography.  Text - the written and spoken word. Collaborative processes in her <3

Through the platform Slip of the Lip she works in collaborative projects within the field of performative arts.

Emelié is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

Currently studying the final year at the Fine Arts programme at HDK-Valand.

email her:  emelie.s.muller@gmail.com

check out her Instagram 

constant working with Slip of the Lip


Upcoming performances:

June & August/September 2021  - Ett eget rum//Apartment,  Slip of the Lip participating in performance by Teater NU, Rydals museum (Rydal), Ålgården (Borås), VÄRT (Gbg) Info

25 September 2021 - Performer in Sebastian Rudolph Jensens work Bananlastbilen - En ny chans i det gula med bananfamiljen, (Psykiatrins Monument), Gothenburg Info

22, 23 October 2021 - OFFING, Slip of the Lip (Installation, performance & choreography) - Atalante, Gothenburg  Info


Knuckle down, bro (02/21) - Performance at group exhibition Can we take this offline, Gothenburg

Video performance (12/20) - Kulturklappar, commissioned work for SENSUS, Gothenburg (Slip of the Lip)

Lady in Red - WIP (08/20) - Teater Kajskjul 46, Gothenburg (Slip of the Lip)

NDÅ 090  collab. Sebastian Rudolph Jensen)   - 13festivalen, Gothenburg (01/20), Supermarket Art Fair Sthlm (05/20) <-CANCELLED due to Covid19

Burn Baby Burn (10/19) - Atalante (Slip of the Lip w. Linda Wardal)

Shelly Blue - Selektion (11/18) Scenkonstgalan -19

Shelly Blue (11/18) - Framtids och kunskapsmässan, Svenska Mässan

Babies (2018/2019) -  3våningen/GIBCA Extended (10/19),  Atalante (03/19), Växjö  Konsthall (02/19), Göteborgs dans ochteaterfestival (08/18), SupermarketArt fair (04/18),13festivalen (01/18). (collab. Sebastian Rudolph Jensen)

Silverfeber (2017/2018) -  Borås Stadsteater (10/18), Samiska Kulturveckan (10/18), Atalante (12/17). (Tanja Andersson w. Emelié Sterner)

Efter Mr. Grey (08/16)- Gothenburg Fringe Festival (collab. Johan Paus)

No title (01/15) - Performance/Installation at Scenkonstgalan, Stora Teatern  (With performance trio ANSTALTEN)

Call 08:45 (10/13) - Cinnober Teater  (With performance trio ANSTALTEN)

Group exhibitions

Upcoming exhibitions:

7 aug - 3 oct 2021 Noorderlicht international photo festival Hon lyssnade/She listened , The Makeable Mind, Groningen, Netherlands. 

Oct - Nov 2021 Conversations of our time Babies (video) Group exhibition at EduCity's Media Wall, Turku amk, Finland Info

29 oct 2021  Group exhibition BFA3 HDK-Valand at Botaniska Trädgården, Gothenburg


 INSTRUKTIONER/NUTRITIONS and Knuckle down, Bro  (02,03/21) Group exhibition BFA2 HDK-Valand at former Swedbank, Järntorget, Gothenburg - Info

I want to be your fantasy, maybe you could be mine (10/20), SEX CAVE, Konstepidemin, Gothenburg  -  Info

Hon lyssnade (06/20), Där du står, catalogue in collaboration w. Gislaveds Konsthall, BFA1 HDK-Valand https://gislavedskonsthall.se/utstallningar-och-program/dar-du-star

A Locker Room in two acts (11/19), Passage, Galleri Monitor, BFA1 HDK-Valand 

Switch of a position (06/19), A waste of space, Konstepidemin, Gothenburg School of Art


Region Norrbottens sommarresidens (2018) - Participant in Tanjas Anderssons residence in Arjeplog for the development of Silverfeber (Slip of the Lip).

Danscentrum väst sommarresidens (2018) -  Participant in Tanjas Anderssons residence in Arjeplog for the development of Silverfeber (Slip of the Lip).


11/2020 Try out performance! - Artist presentation/Workshop at Folkuniversitetet Trollhättan. Employer: Kultur/Ungdom

10/2020 Workshop for adults about dance and movement for younger people - Slip of the Lip in collaboration with Sensus

08/2020 Try out performance! - Articles for Kultur/Ungdom, Göteborg

01/2020 The body's presence/absence in the room - Workshop held at 13festivalen


2019 - Present,  HDK Valand, Bachelor of Fine Art 

2018-2019 Gothenburg School of Art, one-year artistic preparatory program

2009-2013 (break due to maternity leave) Wendelsbergs teater och skolscen, two-year preparatory program in acting and drama pedagogy

2007-2008 Nordiska Folkhögskolan, one-year preparatory program in acting


2017 University of Umeå, Sex, unga och internet 7,5 credits


2021 Otto och Charlotte Mannheimers fond 

2020 Gislaveds konsthall (to all BFA1 Fine Art Students)

2017 Konstnärsnämnden resestipendie

2016 Svensk-Isländska samarbetsfonden resestipendie

2004 SIDA 

2004 Olof Palmes Minnesfond

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